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Outside All is Quiet.
But Inside is a Revolution.
Ethics and the Modern Guru” highlights leaders in advocacy and activism in undue influences in their current magazine issue:

This issue of ‘Ethics and the Modern Guru’ is the outcome of deeply personal growth not just within ourselves, but to serve and connect towards human beings that have experienced tragedy.

To highlight unique human beings that have taken the brave step of education, awareness, and advocacy. To tear down the fears and walls, of differences in culture and religion, and to replace that with the intensity to understand and use critical thinking. Critical thinking without a heart and the ability to understand creates intolerance and takes away the freedom of one’s own self.

This aspect is highlighted as we interviewed Arno Arr Michaelis IV. A former neo-Nazi who turned his life around and established an organization, (serve2unite) and speaks all around the country, educating youth about harmful ideologies and undue influence.

Pardeep Singh Kaleka is the co-founder of ‘serve2unite’ and suffered an unimaginable tragedy. On August 5, 2012, his father was among the victims of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting by a neo-Nazi. He has become one of the most prolific speakers in the country about harmful ideologies.

Dr. Melissa Deuter understands today’s youth and what young people must endure in today’s fast-paced society. She gives us an in-depth and fascinating interview.

Dr. Andrew Chesnut is the leading and foremost expert on the rising movement of Santa Muerte. He is sought after throughout the media and his book “Devoted to Death” provides a historical, biographical and a scholarly analysis of this movement. With him, we have the views of an expert on this religion in an educational venue. Rather than be afraid, we should learn and research this rising movement.

Steven Van Neste, a writer, author of over 6 books, and the founder of “Thinking Agenda, LLC” writes a commentary on critical thinking and introduces the guests in more depth. He contributes several in-depth reviews.

The magazine will debut on Monday 2/26. Through Amazon. Kindle, $2.99 Paperback $9.99.

The link to purchase at only $2.99 is here:

Steven Van Neste “We hope this serves the community and raises awareness of what we can do as a collective effort. Thank you for allowing us to serve.”

Written by Debra Van Neste
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Ethics and The Modern Guru an editorial by Steven Van Neste

12197455_1941224756102724_1933655142_oEthics and The Modern Guru

Much has changed since the beginning when we first conceived of Ethics and the Modern Guru, so much so, that in many ways this can be seen as the first real issue. As often tends to be the case in life, things do not just fall in place, as rather one has to turn things around until it fits into a suitable space where it makes sense. As such, our aim is to as much as possible stand on our own legs and move to have our own trajectory moving within our own field.

One thing that has been contemplated is the name ‘Ethics and the Modern Guru’. Some people get confused by the name, even to the extent where some think we are situated within the realm of gurudom and related Eastern mysticism. This, however, is not so, and it is definitely not the case that we seek to instill a different kind of spirituality or seek to cut a line between good gurus and bad gurus. As such it ought to be noted that we do not present anything that fits within the enlightenment business or the related businesses of coaching etc.

To explain a little further concerning the name; the word ‘guru’ is meant in a more open sense of everything imposing itself upon the individual, as having answers and being able to guide towards something higher or better. As for the word ‘ethics’, it is not meant entirely in the now common sense of the word, but rather in a more classical sense, where ethics means the character of our habits. As such, the reason we use the name ‘Ethics and the Modern Guru’ is a complex inquiring into the reasons why we seek something higher, and how rather easily we fall prey to the habits of others and imagine them as being this new exotic higher way of living.

Our aim is not so much to judge things (be they people or events), but rather to try and offer certain elucidation, whereby we may come to have some more clarity concerning such events. As such, we do not seek to deal in truths, give you a sense of comfort or take away your fears; no, we only seek to inquire and look a little deeper into things, and we present this for you to do with it whatever it is you wish.