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DeuterpicMelissa Deuter’s: “Stuck in the sick role”     Website 


Andrew Chesnut’s: “Devoted to Death”  Website  


Arno Arr Michaelis IV and Pardeep Singh Kaleka’s : “The Gift Of Our Wounds”  Website  


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Press Release

Outside All is Quiet.
But Inside is a Revolution.
Ethics and the Modern Guru” highlights leaders in advocacy and activism in undue influences in their current magazine issue:

This issue of ‘Ethics and the Modern Guru’ is the outcome of deeply personal growth not just within ourselves, but to serve and connect towards human beings that have experienced tragedy.

To highlight unique human beings that have taken the brave step of education, awareness, and advocacy. To tear down the fears and walls, of differences in culture and religion, and to replace that with the intensity to understand and use critical thinking. Critical thinking without a heart and the ability to understand creates intolerance and takes away the freedom of one’s own self.

This aspect is highlighted as we interviewed Arno Arr Michaelis IV. A former neo-Nazi who turned his life around and established an organization, (serve2unite) and speaks all around the country, educating youth about harmful ideologies and undue influence.

Pardeep Singh Kaleka is the co-founder of ‘serve2unite’ and suffered an unimaginable tragedy. On August 5, 2012, his father was among the victims of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting by a neo-Nazi. He has become one of the most prolific speakers in the country about harmful ideologies.

Dr. Melissa Deuter understands today’s youth and what young people must endure in today’s fast-paced society. She gives us an in-depth and fascinating interview.

Dr. Andrew Chesnut is the leading and foremost expert on the rising movement of Santa Muerte. He is sought after throughout the media and his book “Devoted to Death” provides a historical, biographical and a scholarly analysis of this movement. With him, we have the views of an expert on this religion in an educational venue. Rather than be afraid, we should learn and research this rising movement.

Steven Van Neste, a writer, author of over 6 books, and the founder of “Thinking Agenda, LLC” writes a commentary on critical thinking and introduces the guests in more depth. He contributes several in-depth reviews.

The magazine will debut on Monday 2/26. Through Amazon. Kindle, $2.99 Paperback $9.99.

The link to purchase at only $2.99 is here:

Steven Van Neste “We hope this serves the community and raises awareness of what we can do as a collective effort. Thank you for allowing us to serve.”

Written by Debra Van Neste
For press inquiries 407-900-0965


Kicking off our latest issue and company mission!

2018 kicks off with a premiere issue of “Ethics and the Modern Guru” available now on Amazon with the starting price of $2.99 on Kindle!

In this world of multi-multiculturalism and technology in which the pressure is on to succeed, it often is easy to fall into intolerance and despair. As such, we present a look into the mind, the pitfalls of populism and the sadness of suffering. Included are interviews with Melissa Deuter, a psychiatrist specializing in adolescent care, who seeks to move beyond the medication trend; Arno Michaelis, a former skinhead who now passionately spreads a message of tolerance and kindness; and Andrew Chesnut, a professor of religious studies, who tirelessly explores the beauty of Santa Muerte.


Five Star Review from court qualified expert and cult specialist -Dr Cathleen Mann

By Cathleen A. Mann on October 6, 2016

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This magazine contains new and expansive coverage of the 1978 implosion in Guyana of the Jonestown Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, a major historical event. A fierce and demanding cult, Jonestown, through its leader, (The Rev.) Jim Jones, accumulated financial and enrollment resources from a small church in Indiana to a larger socialist movement in Guyana. Inner tensions in the group are described in a synoptic way by former members and their families, including retired professor, Dr. Rebecca Moore, who lends her expertise as a clarion call. Dr. Benjamin Zablocki, emeritus professor at Rutgers, provides his theories on brainwashing, which are summarized and explained thoroughly and with great precision. Zablocki, a sociologist, and academician, uses reflective thought and analysis, to assist the reader through the granite of actual and abstract thought in studying brainwashing. The end commentary and analysis at the conclusion of the magazine provides a touchstone to conceptualize the forces which not only form cults, but which compel members, outsiders, and critics to provide explanation for cult dynamics. As we approach the 40th anniversary of the murders in Jonestown, extra attention to revisit the horror of it all can be started here with excellent analysis.

You requested, we delivered!

We have been asked about having an open forum. Our Guruethics  Facebook is mainly for announcements. Even though things are sparking up on the Cults and Cultish Facebook, we have been asked to just put out a forum “out there”as a free for all, for articles, and random questions. We have been in love with Reddit for years, and finally today after being on Reddit for years, we were approved for our own Sub-Reddit open forum. So we proudly announce that we have created a sub-Reddit and this is especially for those not into Facebook groups or pages. The forum is awesome either way and is a different scene.  Go here: